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Nov 27, 2012 1:30pm PST
to acknowledge supervisor jane kim whose district this arena is being planned for and hopefully constructed on. and take the quality time it takes for all the environmental aspects of this project to be put forth and i -- thank you supervisor. as you know i emphasized job creation in the city being so incredibly important for both the present and the future, and as our economy continues to sign signs of improvement i'm not going to forget where the jobs go and for the people in terms of hope for the city and of course working with laborers, with our construction contractors, with the labor council. tim is here together as well and mike and working with everybody we have unprecedented announcement today and 100% locally financed project close to $500 million of private investment signifying that they wish to on their volition to be working with the city to hire 25% of their construction work force with san francisco residents. [applause] this is a wonderful, wonderful day. and that as part of that percent goal they are opening up themselves to working with us in an enforceable obligation on
Nov 17, 2012 11:00am PST
and schools and construction areas, where or weekends, or you know, where there is the public and yet all of the places are closed. or there is not enough of them. but you come down in the financial district, and our hours are the same, and it does not draw people for retail, because we are just people working in their offices. whereas the last time i remember that we combated people that said, while diversity brings more people to the area. it does not in our area. our area being i am close to 150 california street. i am a half a block away from there, my address is 18 california street. pete' starbucks, tons of place and multiple places all over the place and to be able to exist further and to continue to make a living, i mean, this has to come to an end, i appeal also to you guys, to, you know, let us have the comfort of competing with one another, in a fair, manner, rather than food trucks with just one permit a year needed to be paid for rather than having to comply with handicapped bathroom and license and taxes. my building taxes alone raised to ten fold. because you know the build
Nov 17, 2012 2:30pm PST
. they contributed $500,000 to the construction of the park back in 1999. in 2010 they contributed another $400,000 toward the construction of the eco center and played a role in the development of the bike way with additional $70,000 so i wanted to introduce amy hudzel from the coastal conservancy to talk a bit about these projects. [applause] >> thank you and thanks for including me and the coastal conservancy in this event. we are honored to play a role in the work going on here at heron's head and i am also reporting the san francisco bay trail, a close partner of ours. the coastal conservancy -- we are a state agency and our vision is a beautiful and accessible coast line and i think this project really epitomizes what we're trying to achieve in our vision. the passage of park bonds at the state level most recently proposition 84 in 2006 has allowed projects like this to take place around the state, in the city, in the bay area, and along the coast of california, and it allows local organizations and agencies to leverage their local funds, and make those funds go even further through the
Nov 19, 2012 3:00am PST
and we look forward to going forward with construction next year and we our 2005 site ap was supplemented in august and provide the documents for construction. we demonstrate our commitment to the plan and we look forward to a groundbreaking next year. the rincon plan adopted in 2006 will transform the area into a mix use downtown neighborhood with significant housing presence and provide range of services and amenities that support urban living and set the stage for rincon hill to be home to 10,000 resident s. the plan shows why it's a high priority site and containing large parcels that could accommodate significant high density housing. another factor is the proximity to transit and a neighborhood within five minutes of the downtown financial district and access to public and regional transit and finally major changes in the downtown landscape ranging from the removal of the embarcadero freeway and the anticipated compleeg of the trans bay terminal combine to make the vision even more compelling. through the course of 2005-2006 and 2007 we completed significant planning work and t
Nov 6, 2012 4:30am EST
of work near rte. 7. still construction barrels and the place here as well. traffic had a weight must -- heading away from us. on the outer loop, construction over the northwest branch between 193 in new hampshire avenue. at this early hour, light volume and not much of it delayed. a little bit and even payment to their back to you. -- a little bit of uneven pavement there. back to you. >> president obama and mitt romney spent the last full day of campaigning in a number of states pushing for votes. our team coverage begins with scott thuman in chicago with the obama camp. >> late last night the president arrived back here in chicago. earlier, he was where it all began -- the morning, iowa. -- des moines iowa. a toss up states that has only six electoral votes up for grabs. he was introduced by bruce springsteen. he has been for the past few days relying on star power to rally these crowds. bruce springsteen was with him yesterday. jay - z was with him. president clinton in pennsylvania on monday showing how tough it is there as well now that mitt romney has put up quite a fight in pe
Nov 18, 2012 1:30pm PST
construction going and get people out there in the businesses. i am available for any questions. >> thanks. >> there is no action required today. the action was in october. >> okay. okay. is there any public comment? commissioners, any further questions? >> i'm just -- thank you. it's nice to be on the positive side of the ledger when we originally looked at this they were in the negative and we would have to come up with mon. >> great and we passed it october but it's a good struck and you are thank you for doing that catherine and port staff. okay. >> item 10a request authorization to award master contract to three firms. joint venture for these firms listed here and needed engineering professional related services each in the amount of 1.5 million dollars. >> good evening commissioners. i am mr. sal liteo and contract manager for the port. today we're requesting authorization for the port to award projects to these three firms for as needed engineering and related professional services contracts. each in the amount of 1.5 million dollars and totaling 4.5 million dollars. so as
Nov 21, 2012 3:00pm PST
announcements before we move on for our construction update for today. it is now displayed to the public at the academy of science and that will run for a number of months. so we would like to thank the california academy for putting on display the mammoth tooth. and we will be looking for a new home in 2013. and finally on october 17th we had number one of our regularly schedule committee meetings to provide a construction update to our neighbors. so everything that moving along well. now to give our construction update with steve turner. >> good morning, directors. steve, ru, with turner construction, construction oversight. i don't know. is that up? there it is. >> another good month, of work or almost a month and a half since we filled you in on the last period. there were no recordable incidents. we did have one near miss. but, brought to light some issues with the excavation process of sight lines and so that has been dealt with successfully. and allowing the excavator to work while the folks down below were able to position themselves appropriately so they are not in the way of it
Nov 26, 2012 11:00am PST
to develop the heron's head park, to build the heron's head eco center, and now to plan and construct the bike path and this really grand entrance to heron's head. it's completed a really critical gap in the san francisco bay trail which is a regional trail that circles the entire san francisco bay. it's about 300 miles of it are done of a planned 500-mile loop. for this project really fits perfectly with our vision to improve access to the san francisco bay and to the california coast, to restore wetland throughout the state and complete the trail in the bay area and i want to thank a few individuals. lara thompson and maureen gaffny at the san francisco bay trail. [applause] and anne buell at the coastal conservancy and those that work with the port of san francisco. thank you. [applause] >> thank you. i mean as we have said there are a number of partners that were necessary to get together to make this happen. the bi-directional bike way as part of the blue green project as we mentioned and it's an important connection from the bay view community to the heron's head park, and
Nov 26, 2012 2:00pm PST
funds to do a few things, but most importantly, most of the funds would go towards the construction of an expansion of our current moscone convention center. some of the funds would go towards a few other things and i will get into that in my presentation. but in addition to the proposed assessment district, there is also an ordinance that is going to amend our current article 15, which is our enabling ordinance that augments the state property and business improvement district law. and this ordinance will amend it in a couple of ways and i will go into that in one second. so the ordinance allows for the extension of the life or term of the a proposed business improvement district up to 40 years. if that district would levy bonds or other sort of financing that has to get repaid over many years. currently our property and business improvement districts go up to 15 years. so this would allow a longer term, which is necessary for districts like the moscone expansion district that wants to levy bonds in order to build and construct those capital improvements. so on the first slide,
Nov 27, 2012 4:30am PST
. >> central subway. >> bless the construction workers and those that sacrifice so much -- you know who are you -- that san francisco can move towards a transit for the future and this is it and bless all of you on this wonderful day. thank you. [applause] >> before i invite the final speaker i just wanted to make sure i acknowledge senator mark leno for being here today. thank you very much. big champion for transportation in our state. steve mecher and thank you for being here. ongoing support. got the sf giants hat, yes. mike cureo and thanks for being here and the construction trades and we have been working with you to get the folks trained over the years. it's a wonderful time, and the chairman -- and the chairman of our san francisco metropolitan transportation agency who has been a long time champion of public transit, a regular muni rider, someone who loves the city and has been at the forefront of not only a great transportation but has his head in our city and programs and wonderful services. please come on up. chairman tom nolan. [applause] >> leader pelosi asked me what is of
Nov 7, 2012 5:00am PST
between the development and the opportunity to stage their construction equipment on parcel o. this is silly. no other development project gets a spare acre to park equipment. but actually, as i look around the room and i hear some of the feedback we've gotten all weekend, i believe the issue probably is covered and i want to take just one second to address the larger implication of some of our decisions to the [speaker not understood] in this room. we are a rapidly growing organization. we have come together as a network of urban farmers, dedicated to helping all of our commutes to create and maintain urban agriculture as a part of san francisco. from the thousands of back yards, front yards, sidewalks, window sills and balconies all over town to the many urban farms that i see represented here today, including 18th and rhode island, alemeny farm, me rammed city, the free farm stand, to growing home community garden as well as garden for the environment, raise the roof, the little city garden, [speaker not understood], please touch community garden, eco sf school farm at the
Nov 2, 2012 2:00am PDT
passed in 1999, i'm just going to paraphrase it because i don't have much time. after construction of octavia boulevard, it says the city shall utilize any remaining proceeds from the sale and/or disposition of the excess central freeway parcels for a transportation improvements to corridors on or ancillary to octavia boulevard. there have been some projects funded from the fund, funds realized from the sale of these parcels. they're all south of market. but if we look north of market consistently we have very problematic intersections that are still yet to be resoderv. we have oak and octavia and market and ok thaiv why which are consistently the most dangerous intersections in the city. in addition to that, every morning in my neighborhood we have traffic backing up on page, haight street, laguna street, and other streets in the neighborhood with road rage drivers. i was assaulted two years ago at the corner of laguna and page and sent to the hospital with a concussion. by a road rage driver there. the point is there are many transportation issues that have still not been address
Nov 2, 2012 5:30pm PDT
are having on the project and i guess that is my question. >> the project is currently under construction. it began in june. we were held up with the apellant's appeal of the first permit, which basically slowed down construction progress. this is the second appeal and we are trying to catch up. but at this point we anticipate a delay of one to two months for completion of the project, as a result of the first appeal. to extend this one any longer, would most likely extend that. we're trying to recover by accelerating perhaps, working on the weekends, but a lot of this hinges on our ability to do that given that we're now in the winter. our opportunity to speed up is diminished with the winter weather and we're interested in getting this work crapped up. >> is there other work not related to this permit? >> there is other work going on, but one thick that happens this work is in the center of the park. so you can't do a lot of work around the periphery, it doesn't give us the ability to do it efficiently and effectively since we'll have to plan to bring in equipment at a much later dat
Nov 6, 2012 11:30am PST
construction on the west side walk way and well used these days. our current project -- let's see. i guess it's up on the screen -- has four elements. this is the base project. this project started kind of small. our director has been involved in this. the director's desire has grown the project and the four elements up there are the crosswalk which is item one takes us from the west side to the east side and a pass through and you don't have to guthrough the trains or the paid area to get there. definitely needed and ada accessible. it would bring you to the other side of the station and where we would construct a new key stall and demolish the existing and the new and work closely with mta on this and that is element number three is the new key stop. element number two would be a cover to the new walk way and nice in the elements and it's going to look nice and not just functional and esthetic is the intent and then you will see -- i will point it out, from essentially item number three to item number four is a salmon colored linear figure on the graph or the picture and that is going t
Nov 6, 2012 4:30pm PST
been involved in. some improvement ideas emerged from those studies and are under way or construction but there are more to come and there are funding decisions on those potential improvements, so just a quick update on some of the work that is being completed already. about a year ago the west side walk way was open and on the image to the right. that project was sorely needed and allows pedestrians to access the station from points north and west to get to the bart part of the station. the remaining item there is get those pedestrians to the muni light rail boarding areas and there is a project actually under way to make that final connection that bart will be talking about in just a bit. there has been a new crosswalk installed at the intersection of the 280 northbound on ramp and ocean avenue to help pedestrians access the station from points north and to the west. i mentioned before that there have been previous studies by the agencies involved to really think about how we can improve this area and this facility. some of them have been funded by the authority and they have res
Nov 15, 2012 10:00pm PST
if construction costs fall below 120 million. i have seen written the port could then negotiate other improvements to the site that would meet up to the cap. is it possible that actually that we could leave as an option that what we -- our lability to warriors would -- >> i want to be clear to explain why that is in the conceptual framework. because we drafted this at such an early stage we wanted to create space now to figure out if there were improvements. not ones we described that warriors are taking on, not open space in improvements described but if there are additional improvements or ones city wants done to degree that exceed what warriors would do in normal course of development we have carved out ability to negotiate a specific set of improvements with their own particular cost cap within 120. what my commitment is is that would be spelled out by term sheet wha. we are not asking for is a carte blanche that can be negotiated after approvals to fill that bucket. >> i appreciate that. that is one of my concerns, that we could use that. in the unlikely case the construction costs are below
Nov 18, 2012 12:30am PST
, not issued but involved 20cso's with dollar amount of $250,000. nine construction contracts and total payments of 13.$4 million. of that 14% went to lbe's. professional service contracts and five contracts and total payments of $52,000 in that. now just to point out as the as needed cso's and professional contracts and 48 participation so these are dollars that went to the lbe's and the other things this is just the payments within that quarter and this is just really a snapshot in time. the construction contracts are below our ideal goal of 20% on kind of overall port -- looking at all contracts in the port. that was driven by one particular contract primarily and brondon street wharf and more of a reflection of where we are in the construction of that that wharf and as you have seen they're driving a lot of piles. that is most of the work going on. there are not lbe participation opportunities there. you will see it later in the construction of that project and that's what you see often with the construction projects. there's not an even use of lbe's throughout the contract time.
Nov 20, 2012 6:30am PST
the years first of all, i'm mr. washington. >> sorry, this house is had under gone construction but had a major alteration sometime in the 30's probably before any of us were born into a mediterranean revival. and so, it's whatever originally historic was in the house and so it's clear of the review preservation that it was granted. >> well that was my first question because this was with a lot on a street with a home a lot of home that were in the victorian era and the other situation that the architect just spoke about and showing up the walls and one would presume that there are a lot of homes on the street that are of that age and they must take seismic matters to be able to strengthen their soms and there are probably some that they may not have demolished the walls to to be able do had a and that is one concern that i have and the other concern that i have aside from the impacts expressed by the neighbors and -- if you want to answer that, i guess that would be fine did you. to answer about what they did to strengthen existing homes? was that what you were going to answer. >>
Nov 20, 2012 12:00pm PST
in the construction jobs that are so important to us gathered here. what's more we are agreeing that 50% of the apprentice level work will go to local residents and launching the program that the mayor talked about and the returning veterans and the construction jobs created at this site. we are grateful for all of our friends and especially labor, and the trade representatives and the community advocates and the public officials and those represented here today. a landmark deal like this doesn't get done without the involvement of all the parties. thanks for having us here and it's our privilege and it's a great day. thank you mayor. [applause] >> so local hire would not be the law of the city if not for the board of supervisors. i want to acknowledge the members that are here today. supervisor eric mar. [applause] -- the architect of our local hire law john avalos. [applause] and our board president david chiu who i would like to say a few words. [applause] >> good morning. on behalf of the board i am very happy to be part of the celebration of this milestone and just want to tak
Nov 22, 2012 3:30am PST
? from a scientist's standpoint, a construct doesn't really mean anything if you can't measure it. i have been asked many, many newer scientists including ken, what exactly does free will mean and how do you measure it? it could be like emotional control. it could be something like impulsivity, impulse control and you get back to the basic problem that chris who is a colleague of anita's at vanderbilt, wait he has put it, how do you distinguish and irresistible impulse from an impulse not resisted. there is a basic gray area, a difficult ability to say, did you actually choose that and did you choose it in a way that the law would recognize. so the law all of the time develops concepts that scientists are interested in studying. it might be competency, for example. well, competency is really a multifaceted construct from a legal perspective. it could be competency to be executed, it could be competency to commit a crime. it could be competency to contribute to the decision as to whether voluntarily commit yourself to a mental hospital. it could be competency to participate in an abortion
Search Results 0 to 49 of about 2,817 (some duplicates have been removed)